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HatterasLighthouseI know! When things seem too good to be true, they usually are too good to be true.  But, the possibility of owning a vacation home in Dare county that costs you nothing out of pocket, can be a reality!  You see, inventories are up right now.  Many people are offering their homes for sale.  And, interest rates are low…keeping monthly payments affordable.  Add to that, the rental market on our beaches has been great!
Right now, it is possible for you to select just the right property, rent it out on a weekly basis, take all the great tax deductions and advantages, use the property yourself, and spend no more money on an annual basis than you are spending right now.  Tax laws allow generous deductions for depreciation, mortgage interest payments, repairs…even travel to and from the home.  There’s a whole lot to learn about all this, but I’ve owned many houses for many years. And, I’m a good teacher.

Can I put you in a home that costs you nothing?  There’s a very good chance that I can. Stop by or call me…let’s make it work for you!

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