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We do everything needed to take our clients all the way from searching for “just the right property” to closing the transaction smoothly.

We have a huge team of building inspectors, pest control companies, attorneys, lenders, electricians, plumbers, repairmen and carpenters. We have hand picked the “best of the bunch” on the entire Outer Banks, and there is no problem we can’t solve. Meanwhile, you take the easy road while we do all the work. We stay in touch on a regular basis and make sure you are aware of every bend in the road….right up to the point when you move into your new home, or begin renting to others. After the sale, we make periodic inspections of your property and will notify you immediately of any problems we see. This is especially helpful for our clients who choose to rent their home when they are not using it….and it’s a free service!

If you’re selling your home, our team will be right there for you from start to finish.  We will perform market analyses and suggest the correct price. Not the “pie in the sky” inflated price that some agents will give you just to “get the job and put their advertising sign in your yard!”  We will give you an honest figure, then help you “stage” your home and give you suggestions on how to make your home more appealing.  We’ve sold hundreds and hundreds of homes, and we can sell yours.