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Who Are We?

360122_300                   WE ARE THE BEST REAL ESTATE COMPANY IN THE WORLD!

Big statement? Yes…but we think it’s quite true. Our efforts are directed towards making our clients friends for life. We offer friendly service based on the assumption that if you ever use our services, you will stay with us for all of your real estate needs, and that you will refer us to your circle of influence as well.

My wife (whom I have known since the first grade) is Broker-in-Charge of the company. In the not too distant past, we made a major change in our lives, and in the way we conduct our business.  We reduced the size of our company from a high of 10 agents under our employ…and now there’s just the two of us! We sold the large building at milepost 6 (The old Robert Young building)… paid off the mortgage and moved our offices to our home! Now, we offer totally personalized, one on one, friendly services to select clients.  We don’t want all the business….just YOURS!

Our backup professionals include pest control specialist, surveyors, building inspectors, mortgage lenders, septic tank inspectors, electricians, plumbers, …… you name it! If you need something, we’ve got you covered.  We recommend only people we have had experience with, trust, and have confidence in.  No shortcuts, just high quality work done by professionals that know what they are doing.  Just like us!

So… if you’re looking for a big ‘ol company where you will be treated as 1 in a zillion and you’re just a number, you DON’T want to work with us.  BUT…if you want totally personalized service by people who will be not only REALTORS but FRIENDS, if you want the kind of attention to detail that  you just can’t get with one of the “big boy” franchises, then you should work with us. And, unique to us as far as we know, our contracts are not binding if you change your mind. We are fully willing to release you from any obligations if we don’t live up to your expectations. Guaranteed!  

     The RaDarTeam….Randy and Darlene Williams

Give  us a chance, and you won’t regret it. Hope to hear from you soon.